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We are proud to say we have the most excellent Activities Director who always has some fun stuff to do  for our residents. Nancy is very creative and loves to share her amazing history skills as well as her never ending talents. 

Written by Nancy
 The Oregon requirements for Activity programs in long term care have always been so compatible with my outlook on life—stressing that no two people have taken the same road, no two have the same personalities, no two have had identical interests and needs, no two have wanted to spend their days in exactly the same way. What one person may love another may dislike!  

 Activity programs in long term care therefore are not all about one thing or another...they can’t be. Life is bigger than that, broader and deeper, and people are multi-faceted---so programs can’t be reduced to a simple calendar or schedule, to one type of pursuit or another. There have to be social aspects and solo aspects, creative outlets and games, thought-provokers and action-provokers, indoor focus and outdoor focus, family involvement and community involvement, memory-invokers and idea-invokers, musical experiences and caring moments, parties and private visiting, chances to experience ‘animals, minerals and vegetables’, as well as things that are homey and things that take us far abroad. ‘Activities’ in our lives are not just about being ‘entertained’. They’re certainly not just about staying ‘busy’ or distracted (sometimes the busiest times of life end up being the emptiest…never giving us time to savor anything or anybody, never allowing time to ‘smell the roses’ and appreciate the world around us.) Laughter and tears, ‘shock and awe’ as well as the ‘kinder and gentler’ things are all part of life. 

Our wheel-chair friendly bus for special outings 
Sea Aire Assisted Living Community Activities
Central Oregon Coast
Monday - Friday inside activities year round.
We have nature days to enjoy from our local area presented from volunteer Jill
On Hat day we make hat cookies.
We make holidays fun with joy and love from our community.
Creative crafts are endless
Residents get to show their creativity
Tea Parties are a regular fun event